Saturday, April 13, 2019

Listen to Walking Tall from 2014

Here is our some old tunes to get familiar with Walking Tall between now and July.

Volume I,-vol.-1

Volume II

We are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the CD "Life Happens Here"

The current release schedule is for late July 2019 and we should be out on tour shortly after! 

Thank You for your support! It means everything to us when you listen and connect! 


- Jimmy

Monday, April 2, 2018

So what are you going to be listening to later this year?

My how time flies, here we are in April 2018 already! As Jimmy said in the last post - "It has certainly been awhile" . . .

 So here's a little something for you - The tentative track listing for 'Walking Tall -  Life Happens Here' 2018:

These Are The Good Times
Better Luck Next Time
Just The Truth
If These Walls Could Talk
The Last Goodbye
Life Happens Here
Is That All There Is
Bleed Your Name
Time Is The Enemy
I Wouldn't Change A Thing
My Time

 - Bret.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Back in the Saddle 2018

Well it's certainly been a while!  We decided to take a short break after the 2016 recording sessions and doing some side projects for fun.  Bret decided to build a recording studio Bret Santti Productions ( and has been getting his studio dialed in for the completion of the "Life Happens Here" CD Recording Marathon.   The key word is "Happens" and that's what the record is all about!  We ultimately are passengers on an amazing voyage and one never knows where life will take them!   We wrote some inspiring music and we definitely didn't want to release any of it before its ready!

We hope you will continue to tune into the work we are doing and of course stop by and see Bret if you need a record produced or a shopping demo!

2018 is shaping up to be a year full of many emotions and we hope that people will begin buying music they love again.  They say "Vinyl is cool again!"

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Monday, May 2, 2016

My, How We Have Grown...

When Bret and I decided to get busy on the next Walking Tall CD, we thought we would have just 30 songs and probably 10 stellar songs.  As it turns out - 40+, we are growing as song writer and the constant working, writing, rewriting combined with the never ending dedication to our love of music...Who knew that the songs were that good?   When they begin as ideas, then acoustic guitar structures and then eventually, melodies, with skeletons of "Big Sounding" productions, you can't help but smile.
There are times we question the "Wood-Shedding" process and then when you start to see where the finish product is going, well, that's progress.   Bret is in a creative zone right now!  He's pumping out the tunes as well as working overtime to make sure everything has merit,  We have a long way to go but when you start listening to each song and the message, you know with complete certainty, we got these songs right!  I can wait for each recording session as well as each new song we right to breathe its first breath and eventually take on a life of its own.  The theme of this record really fits - "Life Happens Here" is epic in scope as well as content.  You can hear the maturity in the songs but even more so you can listen to the songs over and over and enjoy the music without hesitation. Viola!

WT-2016 - Walking Tall is Bret and myself and at this moment but we are getting phone calls from publicists, labels, promoters and booking agencies.  That has to be the sounds of our next chapter on the horizon - Stay tuned, there is lots of adventure calling.  The sounds of the crowd's just ahead!
- Jimmy - My 2.0002 Cents for the day :-)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Microsoft Windows or Apple Linux for the record

Not to soap box.... But, well, lets just start this post of with the proper tone... GRRRRRRRRR

OK - so here's the scoop!   Lets do a little Music Math from the depths of Music Recording Hell!
Windows 10 + 24gigs RAM, 12 Core CPU + 5 TB drives of Data + 1TB Cloud + latest of every cook plugin you can think of = what?   I large set of data that can take a shit ton of time to restore if things go bad right?   So if you take the 2 TB os drive + the 5 TB of nearline recording storage + the online 1tb file share you have roughly about 10 days of restore time if that bad boy should decide to burp...
Lets factor in the frequent policy of Microsoft to update the code set every two weeks with patches and then throw in a rather poor practice of testing updates on their customer base and so what does all of that equal?

Lots and Lots of time lost if Microsofts crack team of coding hipsters send out a bogus patch...
Imagine yourself immersed in a world of recording, creating and being generally creative and then POW!,  like a comet falling from the sky, those updates are blowing up your operating system and momentum!
Well, I don't like to rant and rave but I couldn't help myself but ponder the notion about the main difference between recording with an Apple or a Windows Recording System.   The conclusion I have come to is there is one very major difference between the Windows OS and the Mac OSx that stands clear from a user perspective.  I am going to try and be succinct on those subtle changes that are taking place right before your eyes!   A very brief and select reason not to choose a windows system for your recording software.

#1)   Time - you spend most of it jerking around with the system rather than using the AVID Application.
#2)   Windows will screw you every time!  (Don't believe me?  I can show you the bone orchard of Windows Systems that litter my garage and yet the one Mac we have still stands 5+ years and still going)
#3)   Linux/Unix has a long history of "Just Working" with manufacturers hardware and for the extra couple hundred dollars, why are we all torturing ourselves with a system that simply put "Can't Handle" the stress of the rigors of recording!  

OK - So I know what your thinking, its all dependent on the user, the hardware, the specifics if you will, blah, blah, blah... The argument could be made that I have a bias?  I don't...really I don't!  I have my Microsoft Certifications and all I can think about every time I work on a PC for recording is "Why didn't I buy the G@D D@mN Apple!".  I have debated this vigorously and often and always the same outcome....always the same conclusion... Apples rarely die because they use not just the good stuff in their products, but the right stuff.   I can probably man up and admit I am not using 100% Grade A parts but there is a reasonably good chunk of change on this chassis between hardware, software and plugins!

For argument sake, lets say I have been left stranded by both OS systems while in the studio grinding away on the hard drives.  I think the real answer is buy AVID Certified Hard Drives and NEVER - Western Digital or something rated as a bottom performer for top shelf reliability and performance.   The moral of the story is ultimately, Time has a value.  If you can't pay for the right equipment up front, you will certainly pay with blood sweat and tears on the back 40 and ultimately become the "God of Dead Technology" that has zero value in the resale world of computer parts.   I have decided that I need options when recording and a daily backup to the cloud is now a ritual that shall not soon be forgotten as part of my recording process.

The cloud storage is worth the extra cabbage and probably a lot of lost takes and momentum.  Sometimes your the bear, sometimes the bear gets you!  Sometimes the bear is disguised as Microsoft and has a regularly scheduled date with stomping in your campground so please shut off regular updates and skip all of the "Pc Drama" that I just experienced.  Lets not forget lost time and and lost momentum.   I have been avoiding the temptations of drinking during my recording but I have to say a beer never sounded so good!
-  My soap box for today with the added bonus of my 2 cents - Jimmy